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Q-Life products are premium brands with a absolute unique selling point.

HYDROXIL products and the areas of application

With our HYDROXIL application film, we give you an insight into where our Hydroxil products can be used.

Hydroxil Produktpalette

For beekeepers: caring for and saving bees

REINE BIENE used to disinfect beehives. It helps against varroa mites, wax moths and bee lice.

It is suitable for disinfecting beehives, beehives and water points.

BIENEN TRUNK is alkaline drinking water for bees. It strengthens entire bee colonies in beekeeping and has a positive effect on the energy supply.

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The all-rounder

HYDROXIL is the No. 1 for alcohol-free disinfection!

Whether in the private or business sector, HYDROXIL the all-rounder convinces with its effectiveness and quality.

HYDROXIL der Alleskönner-rgb

Our production machines

Q-LIFE offers two machine sizes for in-house production worldwide:

1. AEA 2000 with up to 5,000 liters daily output (1,800,000 liters / year)

2. AEA 30000 up to 3,000 liters per hour (up to 26,280,000 liters / year)


Our Chinese Aqua Electra partners produce with our machines from Schmelz ( Germany ) in 5 different production plants.

Products are manufactured in over 20 application areas for China, Macau and Hong Kong

our diversity

NOTE: Use biocidal products with caution. Always read the label and product information before use. Keep the product out of the reach of children.

This notice does not apply to the product Q-Life Water!