business partners and friends

Left to right:

Torsten Blug

is Managing Director of Aqua Electra GmbH and the developer and manufacturer of all Hydroxil & Q-Life Water products

Rüdiger Ehl

is the founder of Q-Life and has been exclusively marketing all Aqua Electra GmbH products worldwide since May 2020.

Jochen Baumann

is the co-developer of the Hydroxil bee products and the Q-Life Water.

Our team

We have a 14-strong team behind us, who work with passion and who will support you in every situation at Q-Life.

Everyone at Q-Life has only one goal: that you find your safe haven in our company and that you are satisfied.

We support you in all areas and guarantee that we will constantly grow with our tasks and that there will never be a standstill.

Together as a TEAM, you and us, we will write many stories, we look forward to yours.

Your Q-Life team

Official start of Q-LIFE sales
Start Q-LIFE

"Q-Life "quality for life" is our network with heart and soul

Passion. With Q-Life, we offer every person worldwide one

additional income with unique products

unique selling proposition and a global sales concept,

that leaves nothing to be desired. Starting with one

Shopping discount of real 40%, unbelievable 52%

Deep commission, the remuneration of the production machines and the liter production participation (LPB), Q-Life is unique with its possibilities.

new record
51.000.000 liters produced

We achieved another goal in 2022, the worldwide

Liter production has increased to over 51,000,000 liters, an incredible 139,726 liters per day. Now is the time

come to further expand worldwide network marketing so that we can give everyone in the world the opportunity to use our products themselves.

New production machine AEA 30000

The demand for our products is increasing, so must

we also react in time. Our AEA 30,000 has a capacity

with consistent quality of up to 3,000 liters per hour, that is up to 72,000 liters per day, that is approx. 26,280,000 liters per year! With this production machine we are for the future

prepared and able to accept any challenge.

New sensational product
Start of Q-Life Water

After the development phase of just over two years

today we present our finished product "Q-Life Water". Q-Life Water is a 7 Phase Active Water that is tailored to people of all ages.

Another production machine put into operation
LPB liter-production share

To support the environment, our goods are without

repackaging and we go one step further. We give you the opportunity to offer our production machines to new producers worldwide, so production takes place directly on site and there are no long delivery routes.

New product to save the bees
Products for bees

After three years of development, we have succeeded in creating two products for use against bees and against the world

To give bee deaths in production and sales.

Start of our customer Webshop
B2C customer Webshop

Introduction of the B2C customer shop with a personalized link for the sales partners. All orders are processed and delivered here by Aqua-Electra GmbH.

Start of our video productions
The first product videos

To support our sales partners,

we decided to have an explanatory video produced in German and English for the hardware and all products. A corporate film is also in pre-production and will be delivered soon.

Expansion of product partnerships
New cooperation partner for water feed

We are proud to introduce you to our new cooperation partner HPreiss International, the successful company when it comes to water supply. This cooperation gives all sales partners the opportunity to offer a 2-phase technology in which our product "HYDROXIL DRINKING WATER DISINFECTION" is used. When three long-standing family companies come together, something really big can happen here. What is the well-known saying in Saarland "big things always come from small things".

Product extension
Extension of the product range

Dank der positiven Entwicklung und vielen Kundengesprächen 
sind wir jetzt in der Lage, für unsere Partner und Kunden weitere 
sechs Produkte anzubieten: 1. Haustiere-Aqua Clean, 2. Nutztiere & Tierzucht, 3. Nutztiere Aqua Clean, 4. Pferde Hygiene, 5. Camping & Freizeit, 6. Trinkwasser Desinfektion, zur Einspeisung in Wasserleitungen.

Next record broken
New production record 48,000,000 litres

In 2021 we were again able to increase the worldwide production of liters to +48,000,000 liters, we would like to thank the sales department for this

and everyone who has decided in favor of our production machines. To our production machine, the 5,000 liters a day

can produce, there is now also the new production machine, which can produce an incredible 5,000 liters per hour and with the same quality.

Price adjustment
Better prices, more commission

We have time at the turn of the year for a price adjustment

used, where many are becoming more expensive, we have set the price screw and that noticeably. In addition, our

Sales partners now receive 35% instead of 30% directly and an additional 46% instead of 36% in the sales statement and without restrictions. We are of the opinion that whoever brings the orders should also receive the best remuneration.

New product
Our new HZ-24

After the great demand for our HZ-24, which was introduced on October 26th, 2020, we decided to have our own one produced, which was specially optimized for us. In this way, the customer receives an even better product and at an even cheaper price


Neue task
Hydroxil in Egypt

The developer and manufacturer Mr. Torsten Blug "Aqua Electra GmbH", the CEO of sales Mr. Rüdiger Ehl and the manufacturer in Austria, Mr. Patrick Lechner "Aqua Electra

Austria GmbH" had an appointment with the Egyptian military in Cairo, who immediately expressed an interest in 4 production machines. Thanks to the machine and country concept, interested parties worldwide can produce HYDROXIL themselves in their own country and at the same quality as in Germany, so we don't save only the transport, but at the same time support the environment.

Warehouse and production site opened in Wiener Neustadt
Austria starts

Austria goes to the START. Opening ceremony in Vienna for the finished production and sales facility for HYDROXIL in Wiener Neustadt. From now on, all sales elements of the Ehl Group can be taken over 1:1 in Austria, which offers new opportunities for sales partners.

New air washer
New air washer

To be optimally prepared for the future, we have decided on a new cooperation partner for the delivery of the LW-GG 60 and LW-RT 80 air washers. We are now working with a Swiss company that already delivers worldwide and can provide better quality hardware.

Hydroxil for arabic world
Hydroxil worldwide

HYDROXIL goes into the world! After we already have 5 productions in China, Hong Kong and Macau, we flew to Dubai in June, where further contracts for production machines for the countries United Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait,

Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, South Africa, Washington, Oregon and Austria have signed.

Laboratory tests completed
Hydroxil - new certificates

2020 was the year of certificates. All products have been and will be repeated by different ones after optimization

tested in laboratories. All products comply with the latest regulations, here we do not shy away from any path to 100%

to be able to deliver.

new record
42.000.000 liter worldwide

In 2021 we were again able to increase global production. The HYDROXIL products are becoming more and more popular, so we have planned to expand the network marketing area even more professionally for 2023. We would like to thank the sales department and everyone who has decided in favor of our production machines.

Company website
Launch of personalized sales contact website

HYDROXIL offers all sales partners a modern and solid personal HYDROXIL contact website. This is used by all sales partners to build up their own sales team. The website is automatically updated with interesting HYDROXIL offers and features. This means that every sales partner saves valuable time when creating and maintaining their own website. More sales tools are in the works.

From now on ECHA listed
Entry in the ECHA Article 95 List

After very cooperative discussions and thorough preparations, the inclusion of AQUA ELECTRA GmbH as an active ingredient supplier of alcohol-free disinfectants in the "ECHA Article 95 list" of the European Chemicals Agency was applied for to accelerate the worldwide sales development of the HYDROXIL brand. This request was granted. This means that the worldwide sales structure can also start.

New product
Start of cooperation with Hydroxil Sani Clean

In addition to HYDROXIL, whose active ingredient is active chlorine released from hypochlorous acid (not to be confused with toxic chlorine), the EHL Group is launching another alcohol-free disinfectant with HYDROXIL Sani Clean, the active ingredient of which is sodium hypochlorite (released active chlorine). With this premium product, the EHL Group covers the entire range of alcohol-free disinfectants. Here, too, there is a first-class cooperation with a Saarland manufacturer. The first production units and containers will arrive at the end of January 2021

Neue Technik
Start of sales of the air washer LW 230

The air washer LW 230 is another highlight of the hardware sales line of the EHL Group and AQUA ELECTRA GmbH. We can warmly recommend this top device to anyone who would like to breathe in pure and bacteria-free air. When used with the alcohol-free disinfectant HYDROXIL, nothing stands in the way of clean and germ-free air.

New atomizer on sale
Start of sales of the Hydroxil hand sprayers

This elegant and highly functional electronic hand-held sprayer has also been added to the product family. It is also used to disinfect larger surfaces with the alcohol-free disinfectant HYDROXIL. Practical, easy to use and cheap to buy. The welcome helper to support any hygiene concept or simply for use in private households.

IT technic
Launch of the Hydroxil intranet for distributors

After the sales structure and numerous orders had previously been processed in pure paper form, the HYDROXIL intranet was launched after rapid development of the EHL Group with an IT company from Saarland. In addition to the main public website, the intranet offers all sales partners a simple and reliable back office to set up a successful sales structure. The intranet is also in a constant optimization and growth process. It will be used for all sales partners worldwide.

Product family
Introduction of four HYDROXIL hygiene sets

In order to further support the sales partners in sales, four other inexpensive HYDROXIL hygiene sets were called up in addition to the inexpensive starter packages. These also serve to support retailers in implementing their hygiene concepts.

Sales team
Development and presentation of the compensation plan

Initially, the products were distributed via independent commercial agents. However, it quickly became clear that the EHL Group's many years of experience in successfully building a sales network via network marketing had to be used. The career plan that has been developed offers all interested people the opportunity to create a small extra income or to build a successful future through the career plan.

Tech product
Start of sales of the turbo atomizer TZ-24

The start of sales of the turbo atomizer TZ-24 was brilliant. This is ideal for disinfecting large areas. And since the alcohol-free disinfectant is non-flammable, the constellation is ideal for supporting retailers and larger companies with their hygiene concepts.

Desinfektions for companies
Development and production of the Hygiene Tower HT-24

Out of creativity and the need to support retailers with additional products for the implementation of their hygiene concepts, a first-class hygiene tower was developed. This is enjoying increasing popularity with the first companies, also as an individually designed hygiene tower.

Start of filling
First production of HYDROXIL

After the first labels for the new HYDROXIL brand had been completed, AQUA ELECTRA GmbH began bottling the alcohol-free disinfectant. At the same time, the EHL Group started sales with the first sales partners and there were initial successes in sales development, accompanied by a high level of acceptance of the product among customers and consumers.

IT Launch
Launch of the HYDROXIL website

The first major marketing task was the development and launch of the HYDROXIL website. It is the lynchpin for up-to-date information that is made available to all HYDROXIL customers and sales partners quickly and transparently. The site is in a constant process of optimization and

growth process and serves to support sales.

Marketing & Identification
Development and registration of the Hydroxil logo

Rüdiger Ehl expanded his management team with the media agency Schneider, a friend of many years, whose first task was to design the HYDROXIL logo and is responsible for the central management of marketing. Also on board was the sales and distribution professional André Arnold from the EHL Group network, who coordinates optimal sales success as sales manager.

Start of the cooperation
SIGNING of the cooperation agreement

After enthusiastic discussions and a friendly atmosphere right from the start, the plan for a joint cooperation was forged. AQUA ELECTRA GmbH licensed the EHL Group to distribute its alcohol-free disinfectant worldwide. A jointly negotiated contract forms the basis for successful cooperation and a future.

THE start
FIRST TALK: EHL Group and Aqua Electra GmbH

Purely by coincidence, Rüdiger Ehl had Mr. Torsten Blug on the phone about a change in a company entry. When it came to alcohol-free disinfectants, the spark jumped over and we met spontaneously in the business premises of AQUA ELECTRA GmbH in Schmelz. True to the Saarland motto: "Big things always come from small things!"