Launch of our new Q-Life WaterStart unseres neuen Q-Life Water

After a development period of more than 2 years and the good cooperation with Mr. Jochen Baumann, we have achieved something really big with the product Q-Life Water.

The official introduction was planned for February 1st, 2023 with the start of Q-Life, but the existing partners should be able to start a test attempt.

For this reason, Q-Life Water was made accessible to all existing partners on November 3rd, 2022, because we also wanted to see how Q-Life Water is received by people and how it works.

The results were and have been exceeded again, the enthusiasm is outstanding and the response and feedback have confirmed that we have a product here that suits us 100%.

Q-Life Water will be available from February 1st, 2023 in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Italy, France and Spain, other countries will follow.

The Q-Life company is now looking for a delivery center for each country to which we can deliver our Q-Life Water by pallet and this center then supplies all sales partners and customers.

We will present our own sales concept here in the coming weeks, so that there will also be a brokerage business here.