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"Quality For Life"

Newsflash: "BREAKTHROUGH" Event:

Our first breakthrough event will take place in Frankfurt on April 30th.

Secure your tickets now, because you will receive information that will fascinate you and with which you will personally continue to create your success in life.

We are in one of the most important phases with the company. NOW it is decided who will be the winners of tomorrow, NOW it is decided who actively determines his future or who is just watching.

You will receive the latest sales tools presented at the event. New products, new knowledge, new contacts and new impulses.

Clear tip: You should use this event for your further development!


…you too get the quality in your life that meets your requirements!

Thank you for taking the time to talk about us, our products and the business opportunity

to inform. Q-Life is a German company owned by Aqua Electra GmbH

and the Ehl Group is operated and expanded.

Q-Life only has selected products with a unique selling proposition,

all of which are produced by us and in Germany. This is how we guarantee TOP quality

and unbeatable honest prices.

There is another point about the products and the business opportunity,

that Q-Life makes unique for you!

Through years of development and experience

we are now in a position to offer first-class production machines,

that have been tuned and optimized to new producers worldwide

to deliver. This creates new opportunities for you, because you also have ours

Recommend production machines or in a country where

our products are already distributed, set up your own network and

can expand.

Another advantage of the on-site production in each

countries, are the short transport routes.

In this way we support economic, ecological and social aspects.

This is an important step for our environment since we are already in the year

have produced over 50,000,000 liters worldwide in 2022.

Our products are intended without outer packaging and only become

Materials used that are 100% recyclable.


You can now find out which products we have:

Hydroxil Produktpalette


…is an alcohol-free disinfectant,

that can be used universally

both for private

as well as the commercial sector.

Q-Life Water

…is an alkaline activated water for

Detoxification and purification of your

Body in a lavish

7 phase process is produced.


…can be sent to new ones worldwide via Q-Life

producers are expelled. Saving like this

not only the long transport routes,

but also support the environment.

Q-Life - Also a chance for you?


Are you enthusiastic about the Q-Life products and would you like to recommend them to others, both privately and for business?


Would you like an additional income and can you imagine not only talking about the products, but also about the additional income?


Do you want to be your own boss, determine your own life and be a role model for others?

Visit us at one of our events!!