About different applications of HYDROXIL products

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Use with a cat

A healthy hello to all Hydroxil enthusiasts and all animal lovers.

I have to tell you my experience after the many experiences of yesterday’s seminar with my cat Leo. She had a fight with another cat and was severely bitten, which also became severely infected afterwards.

After visiting the vet my friend recommended your product Hydroxil for animals and said I should give it a try. I then sprayed the product on the wound 4-8 times a day and I was more than surprised and very enthusiastic at how quickly the very large wound closed and then healed. Leo’s wound closed in just 2 days and healed in 7 days, I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it myself.

I am so excited about the products and thank my friend Elvira for recommending this product to me. I now use Hydroxil every day and feel so good about it.

We wish you all healthy greetings,

Leo and Tanja from Chemnitz

Use with dogs

In three days we wanted to fly on vacation. Our Labrador male, 8 years old, should be taken care of by friends. Our dog was behaving unusually. During the day the position of his tail changed. She buckled. Well fine,…. Another inflammation of the tail gland!!!

I knew those signs. My treatment was several times a day with DMSO for pain relief and opening of the gland. I had previously given the Hydroxil to the drinking water. The following night the gland opened and the whole house didn’t smell – it stank.

I was only able to wash individual parts of the dog bed. Hydroxil in the washing machine, the other parts and the carpet in the hallway were sprayed with it. Neither the dog bed nor the washing machine or the carpet smelled of it, all a super fresh smell.

I continued to treat the dog the following day with DMSO and Hydroxil, but I was able to send him on his dog vacation with a clean bed.

Kerstin W

with your dog Harvay

Use with dog and cat

Hello, my name is Sahra and I would also like to briefly share my experiences with Hydroxil for animals. My Luna suffered from alopecia, which is noticeable when the cat sheds more hair than usual and it is worse when she gets bald spots, also her appetite was very erratic and she was very listless.

I have had sensational experiences with the Aqua Clean with her, since I have put it in her drinking water she has returned to normal and her happy nature has returned. With my Alfons, who gets along very well with Luna, it was his constant bleeding gums and his often liquid stool that I got to grips with here. I also spray Aqua Clean for pets in Alfons’ mouth, especially when he suffers from a kennel cough, which I quickly get under control here.

I am also enthusiastic about the normal product for animals, here I spray the litter box and also the sleeping bed and the cuddly blanket from Alfons. A really good product as an odor neutralizer and Luna is not afraid of contact with the products, even if I spray them with them. Thank you for offering such good products that I would highly recommend to any animal lover. Animal greetings, your Sahra.

Sarah Kneipe

from Bogenhausen near Munich

Use with tomatoes

Hello everyone, I have attached my experience with Hydroxil on the storage life of tomatoes.

On 08/24/22 I harvested my own tomatoes and sprayed one with Hydroxil and the other not.

On 09/11/22 (after 2 1/2 weeks) you could see a difference and on 09/24/22 (after one month) you can see very clearly that the shelf life with Hydroxil is much better and longer. I spray all my fruit and veg with it and have had nothing but the best experiences with it.

Happy Sunday to you.

Greetings from Würzburg

Ilse Staus

Use with sunburn

Good morning lovelys. Today I want to share my first experience report.

I think we all know what it feels like to have a sunburn with clothes rubbing against it. That’s how I felt on Friday. I have no idea what hit me there. All I can say is it burned like fire and spread all over the leg. Possibly an allergic reaction (but I’ve never had it before).

After I got home from the walk, I sprayed the entire leg. It burned even more at first, but after about 5 minutes it was gone. I repeated the process before going to bed and then had the right result in the morning. Sprayed again on Saturday and by evening everything was gone. These funds are amazing – the possible uses are almost unlimited – I am very curious as to what other possibilities we will discover.

Thank you for the great products

Best regards

Astrid Rosenbaum

Use with shoes and couch

an enthusiastic hello,

My girlfriend recommended the Hydroxil products and I am thrilled. My grandson had left his super expensive sneakers outside the front door overnight and a cat said she had to tag the shoes.

We then washed the shoes in the washing machine and couldn’t get rid of the extreme smell. The shoes ended up in the shoe closet, which of course also started to smell.

My first thought was that I just have to spray the shoes and the shoe cabinet with Hydroxil. The effect was simply mega, since the cat’s strong and unpleasant marking smells could no longer be smelled.

My daughter is also enthusiastic about Hydroxil. She sprayed it on her fabric couch, and when she got home two hours later, she felt a cleaner air in the room.

We also use Hydroxil in many other areas and I will continue to write about my positive experiences.

We’re just thrilled.

With enthusiastic greetings

Karen Dietzig

from the Black Forest

Use with a vacuum cleaner

Hello everyone,

I watched the new video of the all-rounder and I’m really excited because I saw new areas of application here that I didn’t know before. The only thing I’m missing here is an area that I can really recommend and recommend to everyone, THE VACUUM CLEANER. I was really blown away by the experiences I had here. It was clear to me that your product works against viruses, bacteria, germs, odors and much more and when I heard or saw that, I just had to try it on my vacuum cleaner. Simply open the bag before vacuuming and spray Hydroxil in, done.

There are no more unpleasant odors when vacuuming and what I also noticed is that I can use a bag much longer because all harmful bacteria and germs have been killed. I now use it before and after vacuuming, so I feel safe and good myself. My husband also noticed that the air in the rooms is much fresher after vacuuming.

You have a real weapon here and should report much more about it, I can recommend it with a clear conscience. With me you have a loyal customer who would never want to be without Hydroxil again, THANK YOU.

Bianca Host

from Herne

Use with the electric hand sprayer

Hello dear Hydroxil team,

I bought the alcohol-free disinfectant because I get headaches and painful irritation from the usual disinfectants with alcohol, which I have never had with Hydroxil.

At a webinar I then found out that you have a white electric sprayer that I now also use and where I can still use Hydroxil everywhere and here it really left me speechless.

Whether in my kitchen, where there are many areas of odors such as the dishwasher, the refrigerator or the drain, simply spray with the sprayer and you have a quick and really satisfied result, great. What is also a great experience, after cooking dishes that have a stronger smell, here I have a water vacuum cleaner that I fill with water and a small amount of Hydroxil, when I run it, the apartment smells like the fresh one Nature, just gorgeous.

Then I had an experience that I can only recommend to all mothers, my son is 17 and a football player and his clothes and especially the shoes smell strong, especially after sport, so I spray them on briefly and the acrid smell disappears immediately. The apartment used to smell like sports gear, which was really unpleasant for me, but that’s a thing of the past now.

I also put it in my cleaning water and have a great disinfection at the same time. I could list so many areas where we use Hydroxil products and I’m more than enthusiastic, it’s our daily companion that I don’t want to be without anymore. Thank you for the great products, which I can really recommend with a clear conscience. Unfortunately I don’t know how to send a picture with it, because I’m not that good technically. Please take a picture of your sprayer for me, it should be in every household.

Kind regards and have fun with Hydroxil products,

your loyal customer, Claudia Lorenz.

Claudia Lorenz

from Moers near Duisburg

Use with air washer

Hello, my name is Karin and I would like to tell you something about the LWGG60 air purifier.

A friend had told me about the Hydroxil products and was visibly enthusiastic about your air washer. My son (11 years old) and I suffer from severe allergies such as house dust and pollen, which often leads to shortness of breath and constant itching, which was very often unbearable.

My girlfriend had given me her air washer and Hydroxil, which I should try out, said and done. I then put it in my son’s bedroom, filled it with water and Hydroxil and after just two nights, his symptoms were many times less and he was able to sleep well, which was not the case before. I, too, immediately noticed an enormous difference, which I was immediately enthusiastic about. Today we have 3 of these devices in our apartment, 2 in the bedroom and one in the dining room and I wouldn’t want to be without them anymore.

An additional advantage during the heating period is that the air is no longer as dry, which of course only supports us as allergy sufferers, it neutralizes odors and I have much less dust in the apartment. Thank you for your great products, which are now an integral part of our lives and give us a better quality of life in every respect.

Love and healthy greetings

Karin Oberhauser from Würzburg

from Moers near Duisburg

Use with horses

Hello dear HYDROXIL team,

We have tested it extensively on our horses and are thrilled. With my Spaniard it helps wonderfully against thrush. After cutting out the beam, we sprayed the remaining gaps with Hydroxil, which helps a lot. We got the problem well and quickly under control.

Our Icelandic has summer eczema and then rubs himself wherever he can. A blanket helps only to a limited extent. We also treated the open areas on the head and tail with Hydroxil, the itching was probably gone and the open area quickly closed again. It can also be sprayed on and rubbed in without any problems.

I think you could also market Hydroxil more in the horse world. The specialist trade is full of all kinds of remedies, some of which are significantly more expensive and in the end didn’t help that much.”

Volker Musebrink

Managing Director of INTERSAAR GmbH